The Chester Municipal Heritage Society was established in 1981 to promote and cultivate awareness of the unique heritage of the Municipality of the District of Chester for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations through the preservation of historically significant properties and the delivery of educational programming.
      Chester Municipal Heritage Society Minutes of Meeting, January 10, 2017 Chair:  Carol Nauss Board Members present: Hilary McCarron, Nancy Hatch, Danny Hennigar, Joyce Hiltz, Mickey Lantz,  Marina Davidson, Cindy Lamson; James Isaacs, Member Regrets: Dave Stronach, Fran Underwood, Wayne Cameron, Jim Barkhouse, Richard Stevens, Carolyn Conrad. The meeting was called to order at 7:05PM.  Carol shared Wayne’s request to move our monthly meeting to the second Tuesday of each month.  Everyone was in agreement.  The purpose of tonight’s meeting is to discuss proposed By-Law changes and to review Board structure. The CMHS By-Laws have become outdated and no longer conform to the template recommended by the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks.  Barbara Richman met with Carol, Nancy and Cindy in the fall to suggest how we might proceed with revisions to bring the CMHS By-Laws into conformity with other similar organizations. The draft circulated to members highlighted proposed changes. Members present went through the document, item by item.  A number of changes were proposed.  A second draft to incorporate the changes will be circulated to the Board for a final review. The revised set of By-Laws will be presented at the Annual General Meeting on April 28 th  for Members’ approval.   If Members approve the revisions, the document will be submitted to the Registry of Joint Stocks for review and authorization. The review continued until 8:40PM.  Cindy recommended we postpone our discussion about Board structure until next month’s meeting.  Everyone agreed. Business Arising and Updates shared by Carol:  Student employment applications have been filed; No decision yet on status of VIC summer operations; Hawboldt sign has been repainted by Richard Eldridge; Question to James & Fran about proposed membership flyer mail-out; Application to fund the municipal-wide heritage home signage project has been approved by Council.  Request will go to the NS 150 Forward fund; Dudley and Tru are working on the picnic basket fund-raiser tentatively scheduled for July 29 (beef tenderloin or salmon; salads; wine or beer; picture of Sir John A.); Carol has completed the uploading of Oak Island files for on-line access; Christmas decorations will be sorted and re-packed shortly (Hilary, Cindy and others). Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:55PM mad by Hilary. Next meeting:  February 14, 2017, 7 PM (location to be decided). Respectfully submitted Cindy Lamson, Secretary Chester Municipal Heritage Society Annual General Meeting, May 8, 2015 The   Annual   General   Meeting   of   the   Chester   Municipal   Heritage   Society   was   held   on   Friday,   May   8th   at   St. Stephen’s   Parish   Centre,   Chester.      The   meeting   began   with   a   pot   luck   supper,   enjoyed   by   26+   people.      Carol Nauss,   Chair   of   the   CMHS,   introduced   our   Guest   Speaker,   Dr.   Brian   Tennyson,   retired   Professor   of   History University   of   the   College   of   Cape   Breton   and   author   of   fourteen   books   and   many   papers.   Dr.Tennyson delivered   a   thought-provoking   address,   citing   the   lack   of   good   data   to   provide   precise   information   about   the exact   number   of   men   and   women   who   served   in   the   Great   War.   He   explained   how   enlisting   to   fight   was perceived   to   be   a   great   honor   and   few   envisioned   the   real   horrors   of   war.      He   also   referenced   Nurse   Edwina Lordly   who   enlisted   as   a   nurse   and   served   with   the   Red   Cross   in   France.   Carol   thanked   Dr.   Tennyson   and presented   him   with   a   gift   certificate   to   Oceanview   Garden   Centre   in   appreciation   for   his   contribution   to   the evening’s agenda. The   Society’s   Annual   General   Meeting   was   called   to   order   by   Chair   Carol   Nauss   at   7:40PM.   A   package containing   the   Chair’s   report,   Committee   activity   reports   and   the   financial   report   were   distributed   for   review. In   addition,   a   copy   of   the   Society’s   latest   newsletter   was   included.      Carol   cited   the   efforts   of   Dudley   Grove’s year-end 1806 fundraising letter as a significant contribution to our bottom line.  Treasurer   Richard   Stevens   presented   the   year-end   Balance   Sheet,   a   Profit   and   Loss   report   (previous   year comparison)   and   a   proposed   operating   budget   for   2015.      Ted   Cleather   moved   the   Treasurer’s   report   be adopted as read, seconded by Hilary McCarron.  Motion carried. Nominating   committee:      Cindy   Lamson   and   Mickey   Lantz   reported   that   all   sitting   members   have   agreed   to   re-   members   of   the   Board.      After   asking   three   times   for   additional   nominations   from   the   floor,   the nominations were closed.  Cindy moved for acceptance of the report, seconded by Marina Davidson. Carol   Nauss   invited   all   members   and   friends   to   support   the      upcoming   events,   commencing   with   the   Official Opening   of   the World War   I   Display   at   Lordly   House   on   June   1 st ;   the Auction   and   Flea   Market   on   July   11,   the Opening of the Underneath It All Exhibit on July 19 th , and the House and Harbour Tour on August 22. Garry Zwicker moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:40PM. Respectfully submitted, Cynthia Lamson, Secretary
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